Minchiate Fiorentine Deck

HTML By Uri Raz

Due to the total size of the scanned cards, I've divided the images between five pages :

 [1] The trumps - the Minchiate deck has 41 trumps.
      This page weighs about 350 KB, so it would take two or three minutes to download.

The Minchiate deck has regular suites, each with ten geometrical pips and four court cards. The Minchiate knights are different from those of other decks in being only half human - the wands & swords knights have the bodies of horses (= are centaurs), while the cups & coins knights are half lions (= are sphixes).

Each of the following pages weighs about 120 KB, so they would take about a minute each to download.

 [2] The Cups.

 [3] The Coins.

 [4] The Wands.

 [5] The Swords.

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