The Payen Tarot of Marseille of 1713
Payen tarot - The FoolPayen tarot - The MagicianPayen tarot - The Papess
Payen tarot - The EmpressPayen tarot - The EmperorPayen tarot - The Pope
Payen tarot - The LoverPayen tarot - The ChariotPayen tarot - Justice
HermitWheel of FortuneStrength, or Fortitude
Payen tarot - The HermitPayen tarot - The Wheel of FortunePayen tarot - Force, Strength, or Fortitude
Hanged ManDeathTemperance
Payen tarot - The Hanged ManPayen tarot - DeathPayen tarot - Temperance
Payen tarot - The DevilPayen tarot - The Tower, or House of GodPayen tarot - The Stars
The MoonThe SunJudgement
Payen tarot - The MoonPayen tarot - The SunPayen tarot - Judgement Day
WorldTwo CoinsTwo Cups
Payen tarot - The WorldPayen tarot - Two of CoinsPayen tarot - Two of Cups

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