The following table was scanned from Paul Christian's The History and Practice of Magic, pages 476-478.

The Thirty-Six Decans
# Name Archangel Degrees Governed Date Covered Character Indications
1 Asiccan Mars Aries 1-10 March 21-March 30 reliability, fearlessness, pride and obstinacy.
2 Senacher Sun Aries 11-20 March 31-April 9 nobility of mind, generosity, and ability, to command.
3 Acentacer Venus Aries 21-30 April 10-April 19 quick brain, kindliness, and love of pleasure.
4 Asicath Mercury Taurus 1-10 Apr 20-Apr 29 highest intellectual powers, aptitude for difficult mathematics, legislation: love of achievements in arts, especially architecture.
5 Viroaso Moon Taurus 11-20 Apr 30-May 9 easy ascent to highest spheres of fortune.
6 Aharph Saturn Taurus 21-30 May 10-May 19 obstacles to enterprise, dependance, threats of disaster.
7 Thesogar Jupiter Gemini 1-1O May 20-May 29 aptness for unprofitable abstract sciences.
8 Verasua Mars Gemini 11-20 May 30-June 8 proneness to anxiety, to destruction by striving against the difficulties of life.
9 Thepisatosoa Sun Gemini 21-30 June 9-June l8 carelessness, neglect of own interests, empty-headedness, vanity, enjoyment of mere talk.
10 Sothis Venus Cancer 1-10 June 19-July 3 July vivacious mind. sociable nature, desire for sympathy.
11 Sith Mercury Cancer 11-20 July 4-July 13 leaning to spiteful gossip, love of gain, likelihood of acquiring wealth.
12 Thuimis Moon Cancer 21-30 July 14-July 23 a nature relying on force.
13 Aphruimis Saturn Leo 1-10 July 24-Aug 2 a violent nature with evil passions.
14 Sithacer Jupiter Leo 11-2O Aug 3-Aug 12 a provocative nature with a tyrannical will.
15 Phuonisi Mars Leo 21-30 Aug 13-Aug 22 love for alliances, inflexible obstinacy in adventure even to loss of life.
16 Thumis Sun Virgo 1-10 Aug 23-1 Sep timidity, liking for the sedentary; aptitude for mechanical pursuits.
17 Thopithus Venus Virgo 11-30 Sep 2-Sep ll love of money, avarice.
18 Aphuth Mercury Virgo 21-30 Sep 12-Sep 21 indolence of mind, weakness, non-productiveness, joy in destruction.
19 Semeuth Moon Libra 1-10 Sep 22-Oct 1 a spirit of justice and truth, protection of weak against strong.
20 Aterechinis Saturn Libra 11-20 Oct 2-Oct 11 peaceful life, no ambitions or desire for wealth.
21 Arpien Jupiter Libra 21-30 Oct 12-Oct 21 mainly sensuality.
22 Senthacer Mars Scorpio 1-10 Oct 22-Oct 31 disappointments, plots, hidden and dangerous enemies.
23 Thepiseuth Sun Scorpio 11-20 Nov 1-Nov 10 disappointments, antipathies, revivals of forgotten enmity, onslaught of fresh foes.
24 Sencmer Venus Scorpio 31-30 Nov 11-Nov 20 a sensual nature, tending to violence.
25 Eregbuo Mercury Sagittarius 1-10 Nov 21-Nov 30 love of independence; possible career in armed forces or allied professions.
26 Sagen Moon Sagittarius 11-20 Dec 1-Dec 10 dangers and sorrows.
27 Chenen Saturn Sagittarius 21-30 Dec 11-Dec 20 obstinacy, violence, evil and dangerous tendencies.
28 Themeso Jupiter Capricorn 1-10 Dec 21-Dec 30 travel, good fortune and bad alternate.
29 Epima Mars Capricorn 11-30 Dec 31-Jan 9 intelligence given to useless research in vain enterprises.
30 Homoth Sun Capricorn 31-30 Jan 10-Jan 19 suspicious, irritable, weak nature.
31 Oroasoer Venus Aquarius 1-10 Jan 20-Jan 29 anxiety from actual livelihood; deferred hopes.
32 Astiro Mercury Aquarius 11-30 Jan 30-Feb 8 intelligence, gentleness, manners, personal virtue.
33 Thepisathras Moon Aquarius 21-30 Feb 9-Feb 18 disappointments in all directions.
34 Archathapias Saturn Pisces 1-10 Feb 19-Feb 28 & 29 restlessness, confused ideas, instability and changeableness, pursuit of elusive fortune.
35 Thopibui Jupiter Pisces 11-20 Mar 1-Mar 10 ambition, desire for fame, boldness in enterprise.
36 Athembui Mars Pisces 21-30 Mar 11-Mar 20 indolence, love of pleasure, narrow mind.

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