Paul Christian's Astrology and Tarot

The following table was scanned from Paul Christian's The History and Practice of Magic, and converted to HTML by Uri Raz.

Rulers of the Decans
Zodiacal Sign Planet Tarot Card
Aries Mars Queen of Wands
Sun 5 of Wands
Venus 5 of Swords
Taurus Mercury 6 of Swords
Moon Knight of Wands
Saturn 6 of Wands
Gemini Jupiter 7 of Wands
Mars 7 of Swords
Sun Page of Wands
Cancer Venus 8 of Wands
Mercury Queen of Cups
Moon 8 of Swords
Leo Saturn 9 of Swords
Jupiter 9 of Wands
Mars Knight Cups
Virgo Sun Page of Cups
Venus 10 of Swords
Mercury 10 of Wands
Libra Moon 2 of Cups
Saturn Queen of Swords
Jupiter 2 of Coins
Scorpio Mars 4 of Coins
Sun 4 of Cups
Venus Knight of Swords
Sagittarius Mercury Page of Swords
Moon 5 of Coins
Saturn 5 of Cups
Capricorn Jupiter 6 of Cups
Mars Queen of Coins
Sun 6 of Coins
Acquarius Venus 8 of Coins
Mercury 8 of Cups
Moon Knight of Coins
Pisces Saturn Page of Coins
Jupiter 9 of Coins
Mars 9 of Cups

Attributions of the Kings
King of Wands The Royal Star of Leo
King of Swords The Royal Star of Acquarius
King of Pentacles The Royal Star of Scorpio
King of Cups The Royal Star of Taurus

I'm not sure about the next table, but it seems that Paul Christian makes the following attributions:

Planet Cards
Mars Aces
Moon Twos
Venus Threes
Jupiter Fours
Mercury Sevens
Saturn Tens
Sun -

and it further seems Paul Christian makes some connection between the Reaper (Death) and the threes.

Astrological Attributions - Major Arcana
Major Arcana Card Astrological
Magus -
Door of the Sanctuary Moon
Isis-Urania Venus
The Cubic Stone Jupiter
The Master of the Mysteries Aries
The Two Pathes Taurus
The Chariot of Osiris Gemini
The Scales and the Sword Cancer
The Veiled Lamp Leo
The Sphinx Virgo
The Tamed Lion Mars
The Sacrifice Libra
The Reaper -
The Solar Angel Scorpio
Typhon Sagittarius
The Lightning Struck Tower Capricorn
The Star of the Magi Mercury
Twilight Acquarius
The Resplendent Light Pisces
The Last Judgement Saturn
The Crocodile -
The Crown of the Magi Sun

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